Practical information


1. Booking and payment

Reservations can be made to AS via the booking form available at order is binding when confirmed in writing by payment of the deposit to AS. The customer is obliged to check the full name, as it appears in passport is correct and that all the times / dates of receipts and travel documents in accordance with your order. If any information is incorrect, the customer shall immediately contact AS. Upon confirmation of booking, the customer has approved their accuracy. If errors were detected in the order after it has been confirmed, the customer is responsible for any losses that may result.

Journey payable to AS' giro 5082.08.02729. We also accept credit cards as payment towards omkostningsdekning NOK 250,- per booking for amount up to NOK 20.000,- and 1.5 % of the total amount for amounts higher than NOK 20.000,-. Upon confirmation of booking a deposit of minimum NOK 1500,- per person payable. When ordering within the deadline for payment of the total amount, the total amount paid. Payment of the deposit confirms that you have read and approved travel conditions and are familiar with the other travel conditions. Upon payment of the deposit, considered the price as verified and can not be modified AS' page. The only exception to this are changes in taxes and fees, any oil addition and changes in exchange rates. Any increase in these taxes/fees will be charged to the passenger at the ticket issuing, ca. 3 weeks before departure. The final balance is due and payable no later than 60 days before departure date and travel documents are sent approx. 2 weeks prior to departure unless otherwise agreed in advance.


2. Cancellation and amendment 

When ordering we recommend you as a customer to draw a voluntary cancellation insurance in case of illness. A cancellation insurance is often a insurance. Check what you have through your insurance company or bank. This may have to be drawn simultaneously with the booking of the trip. Cancellation insurance is non-refundable after booking. AS convey cancellation insurance through the shipping companies or Gouda Insurance. Contact us for rates and information.

An amendment or cancellation of the journey after confirmation will incur a fee that the customer is responsible. Change and cancellation fees will vary depending on the product ordered and the time for change or cancellation. The following applies unless special rules are provided upon confirmation:


Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellation of confirmed travel up until 61 days before departure: NOK 1.500,-.

Cancellation 60-31 days before departure incur a fee equivalent to 50 % of the price.

Cancellation 30-0 days before departure providing no refund.


Cancellation should be made as soon as it is an obstacle to the trip. A customer who wishes to cancel his trip, should immediately contact us. For cancellation on the day of or in connection with the weekend where this is not possible, the airline, hotel or cruise line contacted. We recommend that customers receive a written confirmation of the cancellation.

To change the order, please contact us. Please note that many scheduled flights tickets can not be changed. Some tickets can be changed for a fee. If it is necessary for you as a customer to have a ticket that can be changed, this information must be communicated to us prior to booking / confirmation. Renaming the airliner tickets accepted normally. We relate to airline policy.


3. Changes made by airlines and other suppliers 

The airlines have the right to make changes in time, even after the tickets are confirmed and printed. In such cases, the airlines responsible to come up with alternative routes. AS is not responsible for changes, but is obliged to inform the customer about those. AS will as far as practicable assist the client in finding an acceptable itinerary. AS is not responsible for any costs incurred by the customer as a result of changes or in cases where our suppliers (airlines, shipping companies etc.) cancel or change your order. AS note that airlines can change the time of issuance of tickets. This will mean that payment must take place earlier than initially agreed. AS will inform the customer of any such changes as soon as they possibly exist.


4.Issue of tickets or travel receipts (E -tickets) 

Plane tickets are printed in accordance with airline regulations. Date of issue of tickets will be advised on booking.

If possible, tickets and travel documents will be sent out via email. Where this is not possible, the documents sent by post immediately after issuance. The customer is responsible for providing the correct post / - or email address.

Customer is responsible for contacting AS if travel documents are not received by the agreed date.

If the client loses tickets, he is responsible for any costs associated with the issuance of tickets.


5. Check-in, baggage, passport/visa and seat reservation 

The participating airlines accepts no responsibility for events that occur at times when passengers are not on board their aircraft. When it comes responsibilities for checked baggage, please refer to the applicable airline's own regulations.

The above also applies, without limited to, other vendors such as hotels and cruise lines. encourages its customers to check in well before departure.

Customer is responsible for allowing adequate time at the airport. In most overseas flights it is possible to reserve seats in advance. We ask our customers to disclose such requests when ordering. Seat reservations may be changed by the airline and is therefore outside AS' control.

Check that your passport is valid for at least six months after returning home. It is the traveler's responsibility to ensure that passports and any visas are valid before departure. AS shall not be responsible for passengers who do not have this right. Children must have their own passport regardless of age. Passengers with foreign passports must check the rules by contacting the embassy or consulate. Make an entry stamp from Israel can lead to denied entry to some countries. Some countries also require transit visas for travelers who are not Norwegian citizens. It is your duty to call attention to non-Norwegian in order to correct passport and visa information can be given. Norwegian citizens with an electronic or biometric passports do not need visa to enter the United States for stay in the country less than 90 days, but it must apply for an entry permit. This can be done on the embassy's own website: 

Some port authorities may sometimes require you to show photo identification when you leave the ship during a cruise. To avoid any problems, we recommend that you bring a copy of your passport on the trip, in addition to original passport and take this copy with you every time you leave the ship. Citizens of other countries should contact their respective embassies for updated information.

Most airlines allow each passenger (children under 2 years who do not pay for their own seat) to check in a bag a 23 kg. Some companies may have different rules. Contact us for more information. If the weight of your luggage exceeds the weight regulations, the customer must pay for the excess weight after the airline's current rates. There are special rules for sports and golf equipment, bicycles and the like. AS note that it is not allowed to pack sharp objects such as scissors, nail file with more as hand luggage. Lighters and matches are not allowed either in carry-on or checked baggage. The same applies to liquid beyond a limited quantity. Contact us further information. Customer is responsible to check if a visa is required.


6. Insurance 

The traveler is responsible for providing the necessary insurance such as travel accident, baggage, sickness and liability insurance. AS can help with information about this. AS will strongly recommend all travelers to ensure adequate insurance.


7. Changes to the sailing routes

The shipping companies reserve the right to change the sailing route, times and programs without notice. No date or routing must be seen as final. AS has no liability if a situation occurs that changes the sailing routes or program.


8. Conditions are completely beyond our control? 

Except as expressly stated in these terms, we disclaim all liability, including liability, if your cruise or service we have promised to make whole or in part can not be delivered due to circumstances which are entirely beyond our control ("force majeure "). The factors that are completely beyond our control, we believe that neither we nor the provider of the service in question could not have foreseen or avoided, despite all reasonable precautions. Such events may include war or threat of war, terrorist acts or threats of such acts, riots or civil commotion, strikes, natural disasters or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather, health risks, epidemics and all similar circumstances beyond our control.


9. What are my responsibilities? 

You must ensure that you have updated travel regulations and updated prices when booking your holiday. We can not accept responsibility for any incorrect or inaccurate information due to the use of outdated catalog or travel regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your group have all necessary passports, visas and other travel documents. Each passenger (parent / guardian if the passenger is a minor) is responsible for and shall replace any damage that the passenger had to inflict the ship or its fittings, equipment or property on purpose, negligence or neglect.  


10. Complaints Policy

En reklamasjon skal sendes skriftlig til AS snarest mulig og senest innen 1 måned etter hjemkomst. 

A complaint shall be submitted in writing to AS soon as possible and no later than one month after return. Complaints at hotels and hotel standard, will generally be taken up at the destination with the local agent or through contact with AS so that it is able to rectify the problems immediately.

We advise our clients to take care of most documentation, information from the hotel, photos, receipts, etc. This will simplify any reklamasjonssak later. AS relate to the General Terms of packages, valid from 04.01.2007. AS is a member of the Guarantee Fund (Reisegarantifondet). 

See complete rules: General terms for package tours

Relations with EU Regulation 2004-261 (delays, cancellations and over bookings). The provisions contained herein.

In case of delays, cancellations and / or overbooking apply the rules under the EU Regulations, so that promoter equated with the airline where the organizer uses owned or chartered aircraft to transport. The organizer is responsible for ensuring that the customer receives written information about their passenger rights which arise situations that trigger such rights. Where the organizer uses liner rests information requirement liner company. The rights of EU rules give the passenger, also applies to the primary relative to the liner company. Where passengers are paid the compensation amount according to EU rules, either the organizer or the performing airlines, this amount must be deducted in the calculation of any discount or compensation package for the law. Where the EU Regulation provides the passenger the right to terminate the contract of carriage, this does not apply for the remainder of the package tour, unless the defect is of such a nature that the conditions for rescind the purchase of the package tour are present, ref. art 8 Less delays do not normally entitled to cancellation of the purchase of the package tour. If the passenger chooses to cancel / rescind the purchase of the journey under the provisions of EC Regulation, but the conditions to cancel the purchase of the package tour package by law are not present, the customer shall only be refunded the portion of the purchase price relating to transport. The tour operator is obliged to make the customer aware that a full refund of the package price when not happen.


10. Disputes Upon complaint 

Disputes Upon complaint, the traveler should be noted complaint procedure, and that if customer complaints / claims are not being met or that the parties agree, the matter may be brought before the Complaints Board for Packages or other dispute resolution body and any appeal fees in this regard.


10. Are there age restrictions for cruising ?

Infants must be at least 6 months to go. On routes such as transatlantic, Hawaii and certain other sailings, infants must be at least 12 months to go. The same applies if the sailing route indicates three or more consecutive sjødager. The age is calculated from the first day of the cruise. No persons under the age of 21 can travel on cruises or own a cabin without being accompanied by a parent / guardian or other person who has reached 21 years. Guests under 21 years traveling with parents / guardians must have a cabin next to or opposite each other. All minors who are 17 years old or younger at the start of the journey and not accompanied by at least one of their parents / guardians will only be allowed to board the ship and undertake the cruise if he / she is accompanied by one or more people over 21 who have received permission from one of the minor's parent / guardian to accompany the minor (see section 7 for details and required documentation). If written permission can not be provided, the / minors not be allowed to board the ship or undertake the cruise. We are not responsible and will not reimburse you for any costs, expenses or losses that may be charged the minor, the person (s) who pay for the cruise (if not the minor), or any other person traveling with the minor and decides not to conduct the cruise when it can be shown written consent as described above. Married couples with a minimum age of 18 can book individual cabin (marriage certificate must be presented at time of booking), when one of the guests have completed 21 years on departure. On board there are certain facilities with an age limit. Further information on facilities with a rating 's daily program (Cruise Compass), available at reception (Guest Relations Desk).


11. What is included? 

All prices quoted are per person in plenty. The following are included in the cruise price, accommodations, all meals, entertainment and most onboard activities, tips for cabin and restaurant staff (in most cases) as well as taxes. Certain activities may be charged an additional fee. Unless otherwise agreed, the following are not included: Flights to and from your destination, excursions and personal expenses (such as drinks, laundry, health and beauty services, telephone calls etc.), hotel accommodation and meals ashore, transport (with unless otherwise stated), insurance and anything else not expressly stated as included


12. For those who are pregnant 

If you are pregnant you can go on a cruise until you are in week 23 of pregnancy. Have you entered the 24th gestational week, you unfortunately can not go on the cruise. NB ! Pregnant women should matter to present a medical certificate at the check, written in English, which doctor stating how far the pregnancy progress has been made, and that one is in good shape and that there is no high risk in pregnancy.


13. What other conditions apply to holidays?

Airlines, hotels and our other suppliers have their own conditions which apply to your holiday. Some of these conditions limits or excludes airlines or other suppliers liability to you, often in accordance with international conventions


14. Disclaimer AS responsible for typographical errors in catalogs with price lists, websites and application, changes in price, taxes, fees and exchange rate changes and other unforeseen elements beyond our control. Any price increases will not exceed 10 % of the price and, where appropriate, notified no later than 21 days before departure.

Our local organizers and partners reserve the right to change its program, routes and times without prior notice due to unforeseen reasons such as weather, technical problems or the like. AS has no liability if such a situation should arise. AS welcome your feedback on the products we sell and all positive and negative experiences will be much appreciated.


Oslo, 24. March, 2014